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ETERPAN® is a medium density fibre cement sheet that is used for external cladding, base for stone and brick slips, soffits, decks, internal linings, flooring and rigid underlay. 

Manufactured with a Flow On production process and then autoclaved at very high temperatures and pressure, which ensures no delamination.


ETERPAN®-Groove is a fibre cement board with a 2.5mm deep, 5mm wide V shaped groove every 100mm centres to replicate the look of traditional tongue and groove panelling.

It has a continuous V join on the edge of the sheets allowing a seamless transition between sheets.

7.5mm x 1200mm x 2700mm

ETERPAN®-Groove is non combustible, manufactured on a Hatscheck machine, from a precise combination of cement, silica and natural organic reinforcing fibres.

ETERPAN®-Groove can be used for:

  • Internal wall linings (incl wet areas)
  • Soffits
  • Exterior cladding

The product has been tested based on internationally recognized standards and test methods for fibre cement flat sheet and building material requirements such as EN 12467, AS/ NZS 2908.2 ASTM C1185, BS 476 relevant parts on material reaction to fire and EN13501 fire classification standards.