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Your authorised ETERPAN® and Simplisima™ distributor

About Fibre Cement Solutions

Fibre Cement Solutions Ltd is a family business, owned by Rachel Osborn and Graeme Zimmerman.  They specialise in fibre cement sheet, – ETERPAN®. Graeme has over 25 years experience in the construction industry having worked for Nuplex Industries and James Hardie. Both Graeme and Rachel are excited to be able to offer ETERPAN® to the New Zealand market, with distribution from Auckland and

ETERPAN® is manufactured using quality Flow On technology vs the traditional Hatschek method. Flow on technology offers a monolithic core with superior water, frost and delamination resistance.

There is no substitute for a quality product which is why we have aligned with the Etex Group who have been making this product since 1905.  ETERPAN® is made using Portland Cement, mineral fillers, organic fibres and additives of which none are asbestos or asbestos based.

ETERPAN® is a sheet product, not a system. It has many applications where it can be used such as cladding, backing board for stone or schist, flooring and internal linings. ETERPAN® has been available in New Zealand for the last 25 years.

Fibre Cement Solutions Ltd was formed in November 2018 and since then has had exclusive distribution to the New Zealand market.

Our Vision

To be a leading supplier of fibre cement board in the New Zealand construction
industry, by being customer focussed.

We will achieve this by supporting and listening to our clients requirements, working
with integrity and providing a quality product.

Our Products


ETERPAN® is a medium density fibre cement sheet that is used for external cladding, base for stone and brick slips, soffits, decks, internal linings, flooring and rigid underlay. 
Manufactured with a Flow On production process and then autoclaved at very high temperatures and pressure, which ensures no delamination.


ETERPAN®-Groove is a non combustible fibre cement board, made to replicate the look of traditional
tongue and groove panelling.
It has a continuous “V” join on the edge of the sheet allowing a seamless transition between sheets.


Simplisima™ is a new 6mm x 1200mm x 2400mm decorative fibre cement board made by Etex. The images are printed directly onto the board providing a definitive design and finish that gives warmth and livability of interior spaces.